The M-POWER project is partnering with cities across the country to turn the core vision of the IMF Diversity Initiative into a reality: improving the short- and long-term outcomes of African-American patients with multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is the most common blood cancer in African Americans, who have a greater-than-average risk of developing the disease. But when barriers to early diagnosis and treatment are removed, African-American myeloma patients do just as well, or even better than, white individuals.

M-POWER is empowering health-care professionals, community leaders, neighborhoods and families to break down those barriers by raising myeloma awareness. Get M-POWERed to change the course of myeloma by clicking on a city below.

Health and wellness matter to everyone, but it is especially important for patients with myeloma and those who care for them. Participation in a wellness program may help survivors and their caregivers feel better physically as well as improve emotional and spiritual well-being.

Explore the Mind and Body website to find wellness education, movement, exercise, and mindfulness practices tailored for patients and caregivers. Begin your Mind and Body journey now to self-advocate for your wellbeing.